Usually it takes around 8-10 lessons for a beginner to be able to swim a short distance on their own. As everyone basic water confidence and capability is different, we will do our best to ensure you learn in a fun and effective way!
Currently we provide swimming classes at your place, example condominium, apartment, clubhouse, townhouse etc. As long as the swimming pool is available at your convenience.
We do provide three types of classes:
  • One to one class
  • Group class
  • Water fitness/gym class (coming soon in May 2019!)

Our fees charges as below:
One to one (RM450)
Group class (RM200 person) *minimum 2 students, maximum 5 students
Water fitness/gym class (RM200 person) *minimum 5 students, maximum 10 students
The fees are for 4 lessons.

There are two main terms and conditions for this swimming lessons:
1) The fees to be paid on every 1st lesson.
2) For group class, minimum 2 students must be attended for each class; For water fitness/gym class, minimum 5 students must be attended for each class.
The duration for each class will be 45 minutes – 1 hour.
There will be no replacement class as we go by per 4 classes basis. If there’s any bad weather/unexpected circumstances, you can arrange the class again with the instructor as long as it matches with the instructor’s schedule.
We don’t set any certain number of weeks to finish the 4 classes. But we do encourage you to have consistence attendance and practice, so the instructor will be able to plan out which type of exercises you should do for the next class onwards.

Just prepare swim suits and goggles. We will provide the basic equipment, example kicking board and pool noodle. If there’s additional equipment needed, the instructor will require you to purchase it.
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